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Meet The NewDay Staff

Dan Johnson, BA, MA


Dan Johnson (BA, MA) serves as NewDay’s Founder and President. In his role, Dan oversees NewDay’s vision, values, and curriculum. Dan regularly shares NewDay’s story with church, business, and government leaders. Before beginning NewDay, Dan served as a pastor for over 20 years. Since formally establishing NewDay in 2007, Dan has worked with hundreds of individuals and families grappling with substance abuse and addiction. He is also the author of 6 books.

Lisa Wells, LMHCA, M.S.

Counseling Director

Lisa Wells (LMHCA, M.S.) is the Counseling Director for NewDay. She oversees the individual therapy and intensive outpatient programs (IOP). She recently completed her Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling and is pursuing licensure as a therapist. Lisa is passionate about helping to build self-worth, people who experience Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), trauma, substance use disorder (SUD) or have a family member who struggles with SUD or have a family member with an Intellectual and/or Developmental disability (I/DD).

Jenny Bronger, LCACA


Jenny Bronger (LCACA) is a therapist at NewDay. She does individual counseling and helps with the intensive outpatient program. She has a passion for those who struggle with addiction and for those who have loved ones that struggle, also. She has helped many individuals and couples who have experienced sex addiction and betrayal trauma and other process addictions, as well. She has also worked with those who struggle with anxiety, depression, sexual abuse, grief, and trauma.

Nikki Stout

Jason Morris Headshot

Jason Morris

Lori Burns, Clinical Director, LCSW

Executive Vice President

Lori Burns (LCSW) is the Clinical Director for NewDay. She has 23 years of experience in counseling coaching, and leading organizations and individuals to successful outcomes. Lori has experience working with adults who face anxiety, depression, abuse, grief, addiction, sexual addiction, trauma, self-worth, spiritual issues, and parenting issues. As a Clinical Supervisor she has a passion to help the next generation of therapists become successful. She also holds a passion for the local church, as an ordained pastor for 17 years, she enjoys partnering with the church in finding ways to resource and care for their members.

Rene Hancock, LSW

Program Director

Rene Hancock (LSW) is the Program Director for NewDay. She oversees the residential program (including admissions) and coordinates with NewDay’s outpatient programs to ensure proper compliance. Rene is a Licensed Social Worker (LSW) and therapist with experience in a hospital setting and private practice setting. She specializes in substance abuse/addictions (including sexual addiction), trauma, anxiety, grief, and infertility. Rene has a passion for helping others discover their journey and empowering people to use their full potential.

Kamryn VanWanzeele, LACA


Kamryn VanWanzeele (van-won-zul), (LACA) is a therapist at The New Day Center. She is working on her post-graduate LCMHC and certificate in addictions counseling. She works as an outpatient therapist and IOP group counselor. Kamryn specializes in adult mental health counseling and addictions counseling. She has experience working with anxiety, PTSD, bipolar 1 & 2, borderline personality disorder, pornography/sexual addictions, substance use disorders, and trauma. Kamryn's passion as a therapist is to help clients build on their values and understand themselves more to live life fully.
Jeremy Dalton

Jeremy Dalton

Tanner is the Residential Manager. He specializes in Pastoral ministry with 15 years of experience. He provides the residents with spiritual leadership. His passion is to disciple men in following Christ and biblical counseling for the residents.

Rachael C.


Rachael is working as a chef for Newday. She has her ServSafe Certificate. Rachael is involved in meal preparation, inventory management and takes extra care in adhering to food health and safety procedures.

Corey Busk

VP of Business Operations

Corey Busk is the Vice President of Operations for NewDay, where he oversees the business side of our programs. As a certified peer recovery coach and alum of the NewDay program, Corey understands firsthand the struggles that people face when dealing with substance abuse and addiction. In addition to his work at NewDay, Corey is currently pursuing a master's degree in Addiction Counseling at Purdue University. This advanced training has equipped him with the skills and knowledge needed to provide even more comprehensive support to those in need.
Cathy Broadnax LMFTA new day center

Cathy Broadnax, LMFT


January Whittaker

January Whittaker

Residential Clinical Supervisor

January Whittaker is the Residential Clinical Supervisor, working on finishing her bachelor's degree in Addictions Counseling. She is a certified alcohol drug addictions consultant II (CADAC II) and Certified Recovery Peer Specialist (CRS). Her passion is working in substance use and addictions due to her personal lived experience with substance abuse. She is devoted to helping people struggling find peace and freedom from substance abuse and addiction.

Jill Turner

Recovery Technician

Jill Turner is a Recovery Technician, specializing in Life Skills and Art Therapy. Jill has an Associate Degree in Social Work. Jill’s passion is to provide residence with activities and life skills to maintain their freedom from drug and alcohol abuse.