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NewDay believes that our recovery programs are just the beginning of a new way of living.

NewDay Post-Treatment Program

We make sure that our clients are taken care of after their treatment. For this reason, we offer the NewDay Post-Treatment program. NewDay’s Post-Treatment program helps clients grow stronger and pursue a life of true hope and freedom.

Specifically, we provide ongoing counseling, curriculum, and coordination with the client’s family and local church. By working with the client’s family and local church, we know that the client will be taken care of.

Access to the Alumni Association

Clients in our Post-Treatment program may also join our alumni association. Through our alumni association, we provide encouragement, prayer, and ongoing advice for clients. Also, our alumni association provides a community of people that have similar goals as the client. This can be very helpful to clients that recently finished treatment at NewDay. Learn more about our alumni association.

Program Information

Post-Treatment Program Description

  • Individual counseling sessions
  • 6-month study guide
  • Mentor training and assistance
  • Participation in our Alumni association
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Alumni Assocation

Learn more about the Alumni Association and how the community helps foster healing and hope for years to come.

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