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Outpatient Treatment

Our outpatient treatment programs provide an environment for adults to heal from their struggle with addiction.

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Whether you’re taking your first steps toward freedom or you’ve completed our residential program, our Outpatient Programs can fit your schedule. Each program gets you the help you need while you tend to your family, attend school, or maintain a job. Our Outpatient Programs offer both evidence-based treatment and spiritual development for both men and women.

person holding hand of a loved one in an outpatient treatment program

Virtual and In Person

NewDay now has virtual sessions for all of our outpatient treatment programs. All programs are led by a team of licensed professionals who use a biblical and evidence-based curriculum, no matter if it’s online or in person. Call us to start getting the knowledge and skills to break free from an addiction, push through the transition, and experience true hope and freedom.

Outpatient Treatment Program Information

Individual Counseling

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Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

  • Allows you to stay home and continue to work
  • Each is group therapy style 3 days per week
  • Each session lasts 3 hours
  • Program lasts 4-6 weeks as determined by your assessment
  • Can be combined with Medication-Assisted Treatment and Individual Counseling
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We offer a wide array of programs to help those suffering from addiction

Residential Treatment

An intensive environment for adults to address their struggle with substance abuse and addiction.

Outpatient Treatment

The Outpatient program is a great option for people to take their first steps to recovery.

Post Treatment

Learn more about how we make sure that our clients are be taken care of after their treatment.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

We believe that medication can allow our bodies to function normally while counseling and healing occur.

Family Counseling

We offer Family Addiction Counseling to help families walk through recovery together.


Through the alumni association, we provide encouragement, prayer, and ongoing advice for clients.

Business Partnerships

NewDay helps handle addiction in the workplace and is committed to partnering with businesses and organizations.

Church Partnerships

NewDay partners with and equips churches to respond well to substance abuse and addiction.