The Journey to Freedom


The best time to break away from a negative and self-destructive habit is now.

The Journey to Freedom is a practical, biblically-based guide that will lead you to understand how addictive habits work, and more importantly, how to overcome them.



  • Softcover
  • 91 pages

Note from the Author

A note from author and NewDay Center founder Dan Johnson:

Welcome to The Journey to Freedom! If you want to get away from a negative and self-destructive habit, then this study is for you. It is not an instant cure or magic solution, but it will help you start the process of getting past your past and building a much better future.

Even if you are reluctant to call a counselor for help or attend a support group meeting, The Journey to Freedom will help you learn and apply some critical life-changing principles while hopefully developing the confidence to reach out for whatever additional help you may need. Information about our other programs is included at the back of the book.

The Journey to Freedom is a critical piece of the recovery puzzle because so many people are either afraid to reach out for help or simply don’t know where to turn. Some experts claim that 80% of people with addictive habits never seek help. While it may be natural for people to want to keep bad habits hidden for as long as possible, my hope is that this book will lead you to make positive changes and motivate you to take the next step.

This book provides a new prospective on the topic of addiction. My goal is not to contradict or compete with traditional 12-step programs but to provide a new way to view and overcome addictive habits.

I have taught and personally led many people through the contents of this book, and I have been repeatedly amazed by how God has used it to change lives. I am convinced that it’s not because of any rare insight on my part but because of the power of God’s Word. I am grateful for any opportunity to now share it with a broader audience through the publication of this book.

If you are struggling with a habit from which you can’t seem to break away, then my prayer for you is that God will use The Journey to Freedom to inspire your pursuit of freedom.