Relapse Danger Zones


Addiction is a difficult thing to overcome, and a key challenge for those in recovery and their loved ones is learning to recognize and prepare for the triggers or danger zones that can pose a threat of relapse, usually because were situations where the addictive behavior was repeated and the brain has adapted to quickly move towards indulging in the addiction.

This free downloadable PDF resource provides a look into seven common danger zones—including stress, pain, boredom, trauma, acceptance, hardship, and feeling stuck—and guides you through evaluating your own risk factor for each, and determining what healthy action you can prepare as a defense.


What’s Inside

  • Explanation of what danger zones or triggers are and how they work
  • Danger Zone 1: Stress/anxiety
  • Danger Zone 2: Physical pain
  • Danger Zone 3: Boredom
  • Danger Zone 4: Trauma
  • Danger Zone 5: Relational acceptance
  • Danger Zone 6: Feeling stuck
  • Danger Zone 7: Achievement hardship