ReCover: First Steps Course


This 8-week self-guided and biblically-based addiction recovery course is designed to help individuals overcome their addiction and find healing and practical strategies for attaining freedom.

Each week, you’ll receive a video that delves into that week’s theme, and then the following six days you’ll receive a daily lesson that builds on the theme of the weekly video. Each lesson includes reflection questions to help participants apply the concepts to their own lives and make real progress in their recovery journey


What it Includes

  • 8 videos
  • 48 daily lessons
  • 48 reflection & application exercises

Course Topics & Lesson Outline

Week One: Getting Real
  • Video: Getting Real
  • Hidden Behind Lies
  • Hypocrisy
  • What Have I Been Doing?
  • Why Am I Doing It?
  • What Has It Done?
  • What Do I Really Want?
Week Two: The Power to Change
  • Video: The Power to Change
  • Physical Sobriety
  • Forgiveness Over Willpower
  • Eternal Forgiveness
  • Everyday Forgiveness
  • Fresh Start—With Responsibility
  • The Forgiven Attitude
Week Three: What Happened?
  • Video: What Happened?
  • God’s Original Design
  • The Impact of Sin
  • Experimentation and the Pull of Sin
  • Emptiness
  • Repeating the Behavior
  • The Addictive Pattern
Week Four: Responding Well to the Past
  • Video: Responding Well to the Past
  • Listening to Your Pain
  • Types of Pain
  • Learning From My Pain
  • Enduring My Pain
  • Taking Action
  • Faith about My Pain
Week Five: Forging a New Way
  • Forging a New Way
  • The Instead-Of Strategy
  • God of Yes
  • Identify My Real Hunger and Thirst
  • Addiction Distorts Your Sense of Need
  • Communicate Your Hunger and Thirst
  • Eat the Manna
Week Six: Patiently Waiting Upon God
  • Patiently Waiting Upon God
  • The Opposite of Addiction
  • Growth Requires Patience
  • Healing is Slow
  • Find and Cultivate Encouragers
  • Repeat Right Tasks
  • Preach to Yourself
Week Seven: Relational Support Network
  • Relational Support Network
  • The Risk of Isolation
  • Your Relationship With God
  • Your Relationship With Family
  • Relational Healing
  • Your Relationship With Discouragers
  • Your Relationship With Encouragers
Week Eight: Security System
  • Security System
  • Know Yourself
  • Freedom Covenant
  • The Deeper Issues
  • Ways of Escape
  • Confession
  • Plan Ahead