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Addiction  likely impacts

30% of your congregation.

Center Of God’s Work

At NewDay, we know that it can be challenging to care for someone struggling with addiction effectively. Also, we believe that the local church is at the center of God’s work on earth today. For these reasons, NewDay partners with and equips churches to respond well to substance abuse and addiction.

Equipping Church Leaders

We draw upon our years of experience to help church leaders. In fact, our help for leaders includes valuable information, training, and various resources. Subsequently, we equip church leaders to serve those in their congregation and community that are impacted by addiction.

Church Partnership Program

We offer seminars for parents of adolescents and teens to learn about substance abuse risks and the best parental responses, offer curriculum for use in pastoral counseling and assist in educating the congregation about the addiction epidemic and ways to help.

Biblical truth | Professional Counseling | Medical services

Gain a clear, compassionate, and effective way to help.

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